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Accidents at work

If you have been injured while at your place of work or working elsewhere within the last 3 years you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries and losses. Contact us to see if you are entitled to work place injury compensation.

The majority of people are unaware that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure workers' safety and that there are certain regulations they must comply with by law. For example safety equipment, correct training and safe working environments must meet government standards.  

It is compulsory for your employer to have insurance for claims of this type. To succeed, you will have to prove the workplace accident was the fault of your employer for some reason. This can include the fault of another employee, (a fellow worker) for whom your employer is responsible.

It is your duty to report your accident to your employer. You should also make sure the accident details are entered correctly in the accident book. The most common causes of how accidents at work can occur include: 

Some people are worried about losing their job if they make a claim. Your employer cannot sack you if you make a work place accident claim.

We have built a reputation for providing clients with a quality service and hence we ensure that your claim is handled by a fully qualified solicitor throughout. Most firms of solicitors consider this type of accident as work that should be done by unqualified staff. However, we do not share that view and believe that your case is as important as any other type of claim.

Our expert legal team of will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

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