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Public Places.

Accidents can happen in many different ways. If you've been injured in an accident within the last 3 years that was not your fault contact us to see if you are entitled to compensation for you injuries.

Accidents often occur on other people's property such as on a business premises or a council owned property. You may have slipped on a spillage on the floor in a supermarket, fallen down some poorly lit steps etc. Provided you show that the person/company responsible for the property was at fault you will be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

If the person responsible for the accident is liable you will be entitled to recover compensation for:

We have built our reputation for providing clients with a quality service and hence we ensure that your claim is handled by a fully qualified solicitor throughout. Most firms of accident claims solicitors consider these types of accidents as work that should be done by unqualified staff. However, we do not share that view and believe that your case is as important as any other type of claim.

Our expert legal team will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation as quickly as possible.


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