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If you have been injured by a domesticated animal in the last 3 years contact us to see if you are entitled to compensation from the owner the animal that injured you. 

The most common types of accidents with animals involve dog bites and straying livestock. The House of Lords decision in Miravehdy v Hendy which involved a motorist colliding with a horse that had bolted now makes it far easier to get animal injury compensation if you are injured by a domesticated animal. This covers areas such as dog bite compensation or a horse collision claim.

If we are satisfied that the owner of the animal that injured can be held liable and they are covered by a policy of insurance (most house contents policies provide such cover) for your claim we will be happy to deal with your claim.

BGR Bloomer has built a reputation for providing clients with a quality service and hence we ensure that your claim is handled by a fully qualified solicitor throughout. Most firms of solicitors consider this type of accident as work that should be done by unqualified staff. However, we do not share that view and believe that your case is as important as any other type of claim.

Our expert legal team will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

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